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To provide our clients with the absolute best
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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

2nd Quarter 2020


Adriana Acosta, Neil Poulson, Rene Rodriguez and Robert Zavala (SoTx). On June 8, H-E-B called us with an emergency. Their store in Alice had a large water leak in a sink area. The team was able to respond to the emergency, so the store could remain open. They cleaned up the area and installed plastic as a temporary repair until the insurance adjusters could come out to view the damage. The client was so pleased with the team’s response that they stated SpawGlass was their new go-to contractor.


Daniel Ballin, Brett Fast, Brian Hayward, Sam Hernandez, Raymond Howey, Drake Jolley, Andrew Komisato, Nicho Martinez, Cesar Ramirez, Humberto Sotelo and Zeb Young (NoTx). We were contacted by The University of Texas at Dallas on June 1 to secure the Trammell Crow Building, which had been vandalized along with other buildings in downtown Dallas. The SpawGlass-North Texas team took the lead on purchasing the material and directing the manpower and completed the needed repairs the same day. The immediate and professional support our team gave to UT Dallas impressed them so much that they added more work to the order than what was originally discussed.


Josh Farris (BV). A fellow team member’s daughter had a flat tire near the Frost Financial Center jobsite in College Station. He reached out to see if someone could help her change the flat tire. Josh volunteered to help with the situation. He quickly got the spare on the car, so the team member’s daughter could be on her way.


Chris McCampbell and Juan Trejo (C). Team members in the Civil-San Antonio office were discussing how to reduce the spread of germs on the office’s front door handle. Chris researched some ideas and took responsibility for choosing an economical, yet effective design and producing it in-house. Chris called Juan, a team member in Houston, and gave him the design and dimensions. Juan fabricated a foot handle and, within a week, shipped it to Chris for attachment to the front door of the Civil-San Antonio office.


Stacie Madrigal (SA). While reviewing a subcontract package on a project, Stacie noticed a bond rider that included a force majeure clause. This clause would have put us in a situation where we were granting more protection downstream to a subcontractor than we would have had from the owner. After a brief conversation with the subcontractor and several SpawGlass team members, the requested bond rider was withdrawn, and our standard terms were put in place. If Stacie had not caught this clause, we would have been unable to claim against the bond if the subcontractor experienced COVID-19 delays.