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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

2nd Quarter 2023

This award highlights five nominations that best exemplify each of the core values.


Anthony Madrigal (SoTx)

Anthony worked hours on end to complete two healthcare projects in South Texas, arriving every day at 7:00 a.m. sharp and working late into the evening (and sometimes even into the early morning hours). Anthony is knowledgeable, passionate about his work and pays attention to detail. While new in his career, he has already become an asset to SpawGlass and is committed to providing our clients with the absolute best construction experience.


Braeden Hardin (NoTx)

On a Saturday morning, as Braeden was on his way out of town for the weekend, he answered a call reporting an attempted burglary at one of our completed projects in North Texas. Braeden immediately reported the incident to the owner and took action to make sure the site was secure. Because of his dedication and professionalism, the owner awarded SpawGlass contracts to make repairs to this location and others.


Irene Ochoa

Recently, Irene prepared reports for a project team to supply the owner with pay reports. The team noticed some discrepancies in the reports, and Irene took several hours out of her busy day to solve the issue so the owner could release payment. The next day, Irene reached out to the team to confirm everything was settled and to ask if the team or the owner needed any additional assistance. Irene went above and beyond to live teamwork and help when needed.


Kerry Fellers (NoTx)

Kerry transferred to the North Texas Division this past April. The project he had been working on in the Austin Division was still ongoing due to change orders from the owner and additional challenges. Even though Kerry had relocated, he continued to make efforts to complete the job. He closed out an additional 35 change orders to the satisfaction of the owner. He did this from another division while also having a new baby at home. He successfully closed out all subcontracts and was able to help the team reach project completion.


Mariano Vela (C)

When a generator for our field office in Del Rio went down, the Civil team was faced with the prospect of waiting days for expensive repairs, 55 miles from the nearest city. After 1.5 days with no power, Mariano checked the unit again to troubleshoot further and see if the problem could be solved. He was able to quickly and successfully repair the unit, allowing the team to resume work without additional costs or wait time.