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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

3rd Quarter 2020


Eddie Gomez and Tanner Matejka (H). Our Houston Methodist Hospital team shut down an air handling unit (AHU) to install a new fire alarm relay, which went as planned. Once the AHU was turned back on, however, a damper that was downstream from the area our project was involved in lost power and did not reopen, which caused the AHU to go into a high static situation and eventually shut down. Upon being notified of this issue, Eddie and Tanner reacted quickly on a Saturday evening to get back onsite and diagnose/correct the problem. This allowed the vital pharmacy space, which was affected by this AHU outage, to remain in operation.


Dalton Flemming (C). Dalton was recognized by a member of the public for coming to her rescue when she was stuck on a busy lane of Wurzbach Parkway with a flat tire and without a phone. With a steady stream of cars passing by, Dalton parked his truck behind the woman’s vehicle and helped her change the tire. The woman called Dalton her guardian angel and stated, “If it weren’t for him, I could have been badly hurt and would not have had the ability to call who I needed. Please pass on my gratitude and know that you have an awesome guy working for you!”


Live Teamwork – Caeden Pham, Holden Lewis and Derien Mosquera (GT). As members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Lamar University and as team members of SpawGlass, Caeden, Holden and Derien worked together to provide for the community of Lake Charles when it was severely damaged by Hurricane Laura. With people desperately trying to get their homes and businesses cleaned and habitable, these young men stepped in to provide food and water for those in need. Their weekends were spent shopping, cooking and helping others at a time when most college kids are celebrating being back on campus. These future leaders put others before themselves.


Mike Bynum (H). Business Development and Marketing worked with Houston Methodist to create and produce pink hard hats, pink neck gaiters and special signage for the Houston Methodist Breast Care Center at Clear Lake project in recognition of breast cancer awareness month. Project Manager Mike Bynum took it a step further and coordinated a project tour to unveil the signage and recognize our project partners. He even secured breast cancer awareness pins and balloons for the occasion. Mike went above and beyond in recognizing how much this project means to the physicians, nurses and staff of Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital and what it will bring to the community. The physicians and nurses who will operate this facility were very emotional as they were presented with their own SpawGlass/Houston Methodist pink hard hats and given a tour of the new facility on September 30. One of the Houston Methodist team members even commented that she had to “hold back her tears” and another said that this “was a like a dream come true and 22 years in the making” as they toured the new facility.


Ricky Villarreal and Jeffrey Moreno (SA). Ricky and Jeffrey are very willing to help out in any way they can. The Team Member Resources team is always busy working with team members across the state, but these guys are always smiling and willing to offer their time to take on duties outside of their typical responsibilities. They have painted a wall in the lobby, fixed toilets and assisted with sending out division-specific surveys, just to name a few. They are consistently excited and happy to live teamwork!