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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

4th Quarter 2022

This award highlights five nominations that best exemplify each of the core values.


Ethan Boaze and Marco Flores (H)

One of our clients notified our team one evening that part of their facility was too hot – risking damage to some of their products. Even though the team was not working in this area of the facility nor on the HVAC equipment, Ethan and Marco understood the urgency of the situation and immediately headed to Home Depot to purchase six temporary air conditioners. The process of setting up the units involved arranging ductwork and running drain lines, which took until 10:00 p.m. to complete. By responding quickly, the temperature was able to be brought back down to an acceptable level, resulting in no lost products for our client.


Apolinar (Polo) Garza and Ernesto Garza (H)

The SpawGlass team at Houston Methodist Hospital had been planning for months to cover a “dance floor” scaffold one weekend. When the team arrived on Saturday morning to begin the work, they were notified that several changes were needed, which would add time to the installation. Instead of complaining, Polo and Ernesto got straight to work, keeping a positive attitude and living teamwork to complete the tasks required quickly and professionally. After two long days, our client had nothing but great things to say.


Matt Fontaine (H)

Despite having a long day himself, Matt helped one of our new craft professionals understand the SpawGlass 401(k) program one day after work and assisted him in setting up his account online. The craft professional was very grateful and impressed that Matt would go out of his way to help.


Rudy Garza (E&S)

On the road outside the Civil-San Antonio office, concrete work was being performed by a local construction company. Rudy noticed a construction worker using a concrete saw without wearing any personal protective equipment (PPE). Despite being on his way to a jobsite, Rudy pulled over to speak with him and explained the importance of wearing PPE to protect his eyes from injury. Rudy went above and beyond by offering the worker a new pair of safety glasses and checking with the safety manager to see if there was any additional PPE that could be provided to the crew. Rudy’s actions demonstrated a proactive passion for safety in the workplace and his commitment to ensuring the well-being of others.


Al Ramirez (C)

The Brazoria County Emergency Operations Center project had been completed except for the installation of a Cummins natural gas generator. When the generator’s expected ship date slipped, the team decided it would be best to visit the Cummins plant in Wisconsin to personally verify the generator’s status. Al learned of the team’s situation while, coincidentally, being on vacation in Wisconsin. He selflessly agreed to help, leaving his family a day early to meet the Cummins plant manager on a Saturday. He inspected and documented the generator production process on behalf of the team and saved SpawGlass over $1,500 in travel and hotel expenses in doing so.