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Revolutionize SpawGlass from being a building contractor to the most sought-after construction services provider


To provide our clients with the absolute best
construction experience


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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

3rd Quarter 2022

This award highlights five nominations that best exemplify each of the core values.


Cory Thompson, Tate Dawson, Xavier Tapia, and Chris Schwertner (NoTx)

When bad weather threatened to derail the schedule on the Frost Bank Rockwall Financial Center project, our team refused to accept it. Even though the project’s superintendent was out of the country on vacation, the remaining team members (Cory, Xavier, Tate, and Chris) accelerated the pre-pour activities and overcame multiple issues and delays to pour the building slab and the 400 cubic yard site paving on a Saturday before bad weather hit the following week. This commitment to the schedule and willingness to do whatever it took to take care of business built trust with our blue chip client, Frost Bank.


Cami Alling, Jonathan Bradley, Drew Cain, Hillary Cadra, Grady Carlson, Joey Clepper, Jeff Eubank, Joey George, Mary Hazlett, David Paden, Troy Thibodeaux, Garett Wheaton, and Ron Wylie (A), (BV), (C), (SA)

Under David’s leadership, SpawGlass recently proposed on a $270 million project for one of our blue chip clients. To put our best foot forward, several team members agreed to travel for up to three years out of town if awarded the project, never blinking an eye, as they knew the magnitude of what this project would mean for our company. The team worked together to put together an outstanding proposal response and was shortlisted to interview for the project. To properly prepare for the interview, multiple team members changed their vacation plans, while another managed a medical emergency in order to devote 20-plus hours of their regular workweek to interview prep. It was truly a collaborative effort by team members from Austin, the Brazos Valley, Civil, and San Antonio to come together for a one company approach for a blue chip client. Although we were not awarded the project, we won in many ways with this pursuit!


Daniel Gutierrez, Jr., Danny Gutierrez, and Martin Perez (SoTx)

Daniel, Danny, and Martin arrived at one of our hospital jobsites at 2:00 one morning to respond to an emergency leak. They worked throughout the night and the following day to clean occupied, fully functioning areas of the hospital. They lived teamwork to complete the work quickly and professionally and also built trust with the owner and local hospital staff by exhibiting reliability, diligence, selflessness, cooperation, and commitment to providing the absolute best construction experience.


Wendy Hubbard

Wendy’s first challenge after joining SpawGlass was to inherit, analyze and redesign the in-progress safety dashboard for our safety team. Wendy not only provided what the team members involved in completing the dashboard requested, but also a “buffet” of available options from which to choose. Her ability to clarify requests, perform business process analyses, and interpret requirements was a huge asset to this project. Her friendly nature, fierce work ethic, understanding manner, and attention to detail make her a great addition to the SpawGlass family.


Laurel Ehsai

Laurel, who offices in San Antonio, was the Marketing lead on a $110 million RFQ response for our North Texas Division. The team did not want to rely on overnight delivery to ensure the RFQ response arrived on time. Laurel immediately volunteered to meet someone halfway to hand it off, even though it meant leaving San Antonio at 5:00 a.m.