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Revolutionize SpawGlass from being a building contractor to the most sought-after construction services provider


To provide our clients with the absolute best
construction experience


Build Trust | Be Professional | Live Teamwork | Be Passionate |
Think Like an Owner


VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

4th Quarter 2020


Benito Vazquez (H). Benny has become the go-to person for some of our clients because of the trust he has built with them. Two facilities managers recently complimented him and cited several examples of how they trust Benny to give them advice or get back to them with an answer if he doesn’t immediately have one. They went so far as to say they knew that if Benny and SpawGlass were on the job, things would get taken care of without any micromanaging on their part. One of the managers even had the phrase “Call Benny” written in big letters on a dry erase board to remind her staff to call Benny in case she was out and something needed to be repaired. Because of Benny’s ability to build trust with our clients, we continue to develop lasting relationships that result in happy clients and repeat work.


Irene Ochoa and Irma Rodriquez. Irene and Irma work very hard, above and beyond, to ensure our team members are paid accurately and timely. They work weekends and evenings when needed to ensure payroll is complete, such as when pay weeks have short deadlines due to holidays. As an example, when Team Member Resources was asked to coordinate payment of a $500 COVID-19 bonus to our craft team members in a very short timeframe, Irene and Irma both stayed late to get the job done. These two women produce nearly 100 pay runs combined each year with very few errors, and that alone is a monumental task.


Eric Kennedy (SoTx). After attending our week-long Leadership through Teamwork (LtT) session in New Braunfels, Dan Cameron was returning to Harlingen in a company vehicle. The truck broke down around 5:00 p.m. between Pleasanton and Three Rivers. Eric Kennedy dropped everything and drove to his rescue. They arrived in Harlingen around 1:00 a.m. By living teamwork, Eric made sure Dan was able to get home to his family after a long week at LtT.


Tyler Wenzel (A). Tyler had the idea to start a “Little Free Pantry” at the Aspen Heights Riverside project in Austin. The project team stocked the pantry with food for the local community, and it became a huge success. It inspired other project teams to participate by making a food donation and then nominating another team for the next donation. It has been encouraging to see the project teams in the Austin Division and WES team up and provide for the local community. Together, we are making a big impact.


Kan Phaobunjong (C). In 2020, Kan shifted from heading up estimating support for our Houston Division to the chief estimator role for our Civil Division. This change filled a critical seat within the Civil Division and brought more collaboration between the civil and commercial sides of our business. Kan has helped shore up the Civil estimating department with his leadership and procedural development skills. Kan was thinking like an owner when he made this move, and it took courage on his part to move to a division that was not as familiar to him.