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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

1st Quarter 2022

This award highlights five nominations that best exemplify each of the core values.


Maggie Anaya (SA)

While driving between jobsite visits, Maggie witnessed a car directly ahead of her flip over and crash on the highway. Being a safety professional and knowing she had the supplies to save a life if needed, she immediately pulled over and helped render aid to the three occupants in the vehicle, including an expectant mother. After doing what she could for the passengers, Maggie then began to help direct traffic to allow emergency first responders to reach the scene as quickly as possible. 


Hillary Cadra

In addition to leading our marketing department, sitting on the board of directors and being involved in several internal committees, Hillary was given the opportunity last year to be the project manager for our SpawGlass-New Braunfels Office Finish-Out project. Hillary had to rapidly adapt to the extremely fast-paced and high-stress world of operations and the many obstacles it brings to deliver a successful project as efficiently as possible while still taking care of her numerous additional obligations. It was not uncommon for her to be the last one out of the office to make sure everything was taken care of over the last six months. She embraced the challenge and did an exceptional job in a role completely outside of her functional specialty for every process of the operations side of SpawGlass. She even brought a care package to the superintendent who was feeling under the weather and made material runs for time-sensitive situations. 


Jonathan Buck, Charles Hunter, Clayton Magee, Brandon Wall (H)

After receiving a request to utilize an exterior hose bib at one of our projects to fill some underground plumbing lines for pressure testing, the project team was notified there was a leak that caused some local flooding. Jonathan, Charles, Clayton and Brandon jumped into action to remediate the water and start drying the area. The leak occurred at approximately 3:30 p.m., and the team stayed until 9:00 that evening to ensure the leak was eliminated, the areas affected by the water were cleaned, materials were neatly organized to dry, and adequate ventilation was provided for the workers returning to the building the following day. 


Clayton Magee (H)

Clayton recently assumed the role of labor foreman on the Brazoria County Courthouse Expansion project. He is passionate about safety, which shows through his encouragement of our Good Catch Near Miss program and providing very comprehensive and thorough job safety analyses (JSAs). The project team recently had an influx of representatives from the owner, design team and SpawGlass leadership visit the jobsite. Clayton showed initiative by having both the Administration Building and Emergency Operations Building sites cleaned prior to the walkthroughs. He continuously views the jobsite as an owner would, maintains a professional appearance, views himself as a crucial member of the team and exudes passion in every aspect of his job. 


Cody James (H)

Cody joined the team for a remodel project that was already in progress. He quickly became familiar with the drawings, updated the schedule and began coordinating with subcontractors and holding them accountable. This allowed Cody to quickly build trust, leading to a phenomenal job of coordination and communication with the owner’s onsite team. The project did not miss a milestone for the remainder of the project, and Cody was instrumental in leaving a blue chip client with a very positive opinion of SpawGlass despite many challenges. The owner’s onsite contact made a point to say, “I want Cody’s boss to know how good a job he has done. He has been nothing but professional. He has kept us informed, he has been fully transparent, and he has kept things running as smooth as possible.”