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Revolutionize SpawGlass from being a building contractor to the most sought-after construction services provider


To provide our clients with the absolute best
construction experience


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VMW Spirit Award Winner


Jake Pack

Senior Superintendent, North Texas Division

Congratulations to Jake Pack of the North Texas Division! Whether it is his duties as a senior superintendent, being the North Texas Lean construction champion, taking an active role with TEXO or proactively developing new business, Jake always goes above and beyond.

While on a flight, Jake struck up a conversation with the person seated next to him who happened to work for a client we have been trying to form a relationship with for quite some time. Jake talked about our company’s culture and also sought to understand the gentleman’s role within his organization. Through this conversation, Jake learned of an upcoming project and, after following up later, we obtained the opportunity to pursue the project. Jake also invited this gentleman and some of his co-workers to the inaugural North Texas Sporting Clays Shoot. While at the event, several SpawGlass team members got to spend quality time talking with them about their company and how SpawGlass could fit into their construction program.

Through Jake’s persistence while wearing his business development hat, we are on our way to having a strong future with a great Blue Chip Client!