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Revolutionize SpawGlass from being a building contractor to the most sought-after construction services provider


To provide our clients with the absolute best
construction experience


Build Trust | Be Professional | Live Teamwork | Be Passionate |
Think Like an Owner


VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

2nd Quarter 2021


Manuel Sanchez and Jaime Garza (SA)

While working at the Comal County Annex Building project, Manuel and Jaime saw a Comal County employee changing her flat tire in the parking garage of the building SpawGlass is renovating. Manuel and Jaime stopped what they were doing and proceeded to change the tire for her and air up her spare tire that was low on pressure to make sure she could get back on the road safely. This employee was so appreciative of the professionalism and helpfulness of Manuel and Jaime that she contacted San Antonio Operations Manager John Devaney to praise them and SpawGlass for their good deed.


Ray Cuellar, Jaime Garza, Jonathan Gonzalez, Augie Trujillo and Jeff Tuttle (SA)

We received an email from the owner of the EdenHill Communities Campus Repairs project thanking us for the way our SpawGlass team conducted themselves regarding masks. A representative of EdinHill Communities noted in an email, “John and I eat breakfast at a table we have next to the kitchen window, which gives us a view of workers arriving at the lower parking lot and coming on campus from there. We appreciate the fact that the SpawGlass workers almost always came on campus with their faces covered. We think this is further confirmation that the company exercised discipline and responsibility in working with the EdenHill Community.”


Wes Schweke

Wes Schweke in IT automated the Spanish version of the Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO) through Google Translate. This powerful capability allows English-to-Spanish translations to occur daily and completely without human interaction, saving many man-hours per quarter versus performing these translations manually. The framework Wes built will allow us to expand this automated translation capability to other aspects of our business.


Weston Hadaway (C)

At the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport project, the Civil team faced difficult challenges. Weston went over and beyond the call of duty for six months to complete the project in a timely manner by working long days and giving up his weekends in addition to his three-hour daily commute to the jobsite from his residence.


Chris Olivas (C)

Right now, the Civil team is without a team member solely dedicated to maintaining and servicing our equipment. With this void, Chris has taken the initiative to service all equipment, including grease, hydraulic oil, filling the tanks and cleaning the air filters. He has done a great job of maintaining all of our equipment while we search for someone to fill the open position.