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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

1st Quarter 2023

This award highlights five nominations that best exemplify each of the core values.


Chris Schubnell and Jeff Eubank (A)

In preparation for an upcoming project, our client requested we visit one of their similar facilities in Arkansas. On the day of departure, a winter weather advisory was issued for Central Texas. Flights were being cancelled, and it looked like there was no way to make the trip. The client was already there and would rather extend his stay instead of rescheduling this very necessary visit. Recognizing the importance, and because there were no flights out of Austin, Chris and Jeff drove to Houston, where they were able to catch a flight to Arkansas and avoid keeping the client waiting.


Luis Fernandez (SA)

In the last 30 days, Luis has experienced two unexpected and uncommon events at his project. The first was an OSHA inspection in which Luis followed the SpawGlass OSHA inspection process with perfect precision: he notified the project team quickly, treated OSHA with respect and managed the visit professionally. The second event happened when a subcontractor laborer suffered a seizure while onsite at Luis’s project. Within seconds, Luis responded by locating a defibrillator, contacting emergency services, securing the area and notifying the leadership team. It takes confidence and expertise to manage an intense medical emergency on a project.


Roland Gloria, Francisco Gongora, Abelardo Moncada Reyes and Noe Martinez (SA)

The San Antonio Building Services Division recently received rave reviews from Alamo Colleges Northeast Lakeview Campus for the team’s work on the Moisture Barrier project. Our client noted Roland Gloria’s strong commitment to excellence and his helpfulness in answering questions and keeping everyone informed to keep the project moving forward. Francisco Gongora operated all of the heavy equipment onsite with great ease and a great attitude while working safely and efficiently, helping to complete the project without having to close the Student Services building or the campus. Abelardo Moncada Reyes was onsite every day working diligently, with a friendly greeting to anyone visiting the site. Noe Martinez started each day with a friendly smile and was always willing to assist with everything from working “in the trenches” to coordinating schedules.


Scott Lewandowski and Jared Short (H)

Scott and Jared were preparing for freezing weather on a jobsite in Houston. After completing preparations on the project building, they noticed neighboring tenants had not protected their hose bibs. Using the extra material they had on-hand, they took the initiative to help out their neighbors to make sure they were protected. The property manager and landlord both reached out to our client, commending the efforts of Scott and Jared.


Ever Gamboa (SA)

It had been raining for several days at one of our retail jobsites, and the site was surrounded by mud. Ever took it upon himself to arrive at the site at 4:00 every morning to run a sweeper to make sure our client’s business remained clean for staff and customers during the day. Even when Ever was called away to help at another jobsite, he still made sure everything was clean at the retail site before the day’s operations began.