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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

1st Quarter 2021


Lazaro Buenrostro Rojas and Guillermo Maldonado (C). In January, a motorcycle caught on fire on Buena Vista Street near one of our Civil Division jobsites. Lazaro and Guillermo assisted the driver with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire before the police and emergency team arrived.


Robert Zavala (SoTx). Robert was called during the winter weather to help Nueces County with generators, potable water and non-potable water. Without hesitation, Robert worked afterhours for his community to provide resources to those in need of healthcare services.


Cullen Schoener and Max Valladolid (BV). During the recent freeze, Cullen and Max went to the aid of two clients on the same day. After helping clean up water from broken plumbing at a local hospital, Cullen and Max responded to help clear a collapsed canopy on a client’s project. With temperatures hovering around 30 degrees, they worked the rest of the afternoon outside to clear the obstruction. Through their actions, they built trust with our clients and lived teamwork by working together to keep our team operational.


Jarvis Taylor (GT) and Holden Lewis (H). During the freeze, we were called to help out Houston Methodist Baytown Hospital. Jarvis and Holden, both without power and water at their homes, provided a service to Houston Methodist by setting up enclosures and getting new insulation installed around ducts that had been damaged by a pipe bursting on the roof. They worked a 19-hour shift to complete the job, so the hospital could move forward with using their operating room.


Bryant Carrasquillo (C). Bryant transferred from being an assistant project manager in our Austin Division to a quality control position in our Civil Division in mid-2020. Since then, he has been eagerly developing his expertise and putting it to use in ensuring quality projects are delivered to our clients. He has worked diligently to ensure unforeseen conditions are well-documented with RFIs, submittals and quality control plans. In addition, he recently went out of his way to guide and coach one of our subcontractors to ensure their submittals were compliant and received approval. By Bryant taking a proactive approach to providing this assistance, the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport project was able to continue forward without encountering significant delays in a major scope of work.