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Revolutionize SpawGlass from being a building contractor to the most sought-after construction services provider


To provide our clients with the absolute best
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Build Trust | Be Professional | Live Teamwork | Be Passionate |
Think Like an Owner


VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

4th Quarter 2021


Ryan Dees (H), Johnny Escobedo (NoTx), Lori Ingle, Matthew Lizama (H).

When a team member’s father passed away in November, he was “speechless and filled with joy” when several team members attended his father’s funeral in Trinity, TX. This caring gesture and the support shown were even more so appreciated given the distance some of them had to travel to attend and the time they took out of their busy schedules.


Amado Moses (H)

Amado was asked to work out of town in another division, away from his family and with an unfamiliar group of team members. To make the situation even more difficult, due to owner requirements, Amado was required to be onsite at all times, including weekends worked. Through it all, Amado exemplified his passionate approach to creating a proactive and positive safety culture on the project. His enthusiasm for safety and SpawGlass shone through in his care for every single person who stepped foot onsite. In addition, numerous compliments were received on Amado’s work by City staff members, insurance carriers, third party safety personnel and many onsite subcontractors.


Jeremiah Bell (A)

A team member working out of town had to put his truck in the shop, and the repairs took longer than anticipated. Jeremiah could tell something was worrying the team member and asked if everything was alright. The team member mentioned he might have to stay in town all weekend or rent a car to get home. Jeremiah offered to loan this team member his extra car. The team member was very appreciative of Jeremiah living teamwork and loaning him his car for several days.


Steve Schulte (SA)

Steve came to North Texas from San Antonio to build a project for one of our blue chip clients, sacrificing many days away from home and his family. He was consistently the first to show up in the mornings and the last to leave every day. He built a great rapport with our client and always had coffee and doughnuts ready to go for owner-architect-contractor meetings. Steve always seemed to be in a good mood, and it was obvious he thoroughly enjoys his job. Steve will be missed in North Texas and is welcome back anytime!


Tirso Galan, Alfonso Vega, Roland Gloria, Ernesto Torres, Lazaro Buenrostro Rojas, Angel Aguilar, Jose T. Rodriguez (C)

Our Civil crew was working at a healthcare client’s site the day before the Thanksgiving holiday. The plan was to pour concrete by noon, finish up and get home early to be with family and friends. It was a big day because not pouring would mean a delay of a few weeks. Due to the concrete company’s holiday scheduling issues, the crew was informed in the afternoon that trucks would be arriving late, with no specific time mentioned, and were given the choice to either postpone the pour or wait until they arrived. Not wanting to disappoint our client, the crew stayed and finished the job. Although most had prior engagements that night, the crew members kept their spirits high and continued to work with no complaints. The crew finished up around midnight, leaving our client happy and the project on schedule.