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VMW Spirit Award Winners

Winners who best exemplify each of the SpawGlass core values

3rd Quarter 2021


Gerardo Gonzalez (SA)

While working in an occupied building, Gerardo found a wallet and tracked down its owner, who had not yet noticed it was missing. This individual was so appreciative of Gerardo’s “big heart and compassion” that she contacted San Antonio Building Services Manager Justin Calvin to commend Gerardo and his good deed, noting that she could have lost her money, credit cards and driver license.


Jorge Estello (SA)

Jorge currently is supervising a project that involves nine levels of scaffolding and workers removing and replacing stones weighing 20-plus pounds. He and our subcontractors have worked diligently to maintain safety as a top priority with minimal to no serious injuries. While ensuring safety, Jorge also has proven to be a key bridge between SpawGlass, our subcontractors, our client and visitors to the site. No matter the circumstance, he continuously demonstrates patience and professionalism – always with a smile on his face.


Sebastian Tovar (SA)

When one of our team members tested positive for COVID, Sebastian took it upon himself to go to the pharmacy and purchase products for a care package. After work, Sebastian drove over 90 miles out of his way to personally deliver the care package. The team member who had COVID reported that the care package was much appreciated and helped him on the road to recovery.


Chandler Neal (NoTx)

While performing work at a very busy intersection on the University of North Texas campus, Chandler escorted a blind student around the entire block, telling him where barricades were and the detours he should take. The barricades were constantly changing that day, so Chandler made sure the student was aware of the changes and gave him an update on how long the barricades would be up.


Alfonso “Ponch” Campos (SoTx)

While working on the Texas Workforce Commission Restroom Renovation project, Ponch received numerous compliments from the owner, who called him a “gem” to work with. Areas of note included Ponch’s obvious sense of responsibility in “making sure the project was moving along on target and that the work being done met standards,” informing the staff in advance of when they would be affected by the project, ensuring “heavy construction work was done after hours,” showing concern for staff as well as fellow construction workers and attention to all safety concerns.


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