As demonstrated by the Constructech magazine Vision Award we received in 2012 for using technology to bridge the gap from the virtual model to the field, SpawGlass is a pioneer of virtual design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the construction industry.

We offer a variety of virtual design and BIM services, including:

Design Coordination/Utilizing the Model for Estimating

We work with design teams to produce constructible models that can be trusted by the estimating team performing take-off. When estimators are confident the model is accurate, it frees them up to give real time input to the designers and client on how the design budget is tracking. This involves continual, weekly estimating.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning a building is incredibly helpful in identifying pre-existing conditions in renovation projects, checking the tolerance in slabs and scanning utilities to place in the model.


We create topographic models through the use of drones to identify quantities, including how much spoils need to leave the site.

Virtual Reality

Through the use of 3D glasses, we immerse our clients and end users into their future building for early input on functionality and aesthetics. Using 3D glasses also has proven to be beneficial in working with design teams to create different design charrettes for clients to decide on themes.

Virtual to Field™ Robotic Total Station Layout

Developed in-house, the Virtual to Field™ process bridges the gap between virtual and actual construction. If there is a deviation in the field, we can communicate it back through PC tablets. The process allows virtual design to speak to the field and vice versa.

4D Scheduling

Plugging a P6 schedule into the model allows the project team to see the model populate according to the schedule, i.e. seeing the building being virtually constructed according to the schedule. This provides visual confirmation of attainability of the schedule and validates the sequencing plan. It also is a good visual aid for the team and client.

Read what some of our design partners have to say about our Virtual Design/BIM Process…

Franklyn King, Page:

“The focus on incremental refinement of the BIM models was huge. It was very apparent that the intent of the process was truly focused on constructability issues, and not an arbitrary/academic modeling of the systems. This approach kept the design team engaged and helpful in the process as we realized that addressing these issues on the front end was much preferred to addressing them during construction. This was by far one of the most successful/useful programs I have participated in.”

Jerome Ratzlaff, Treanor Architects:

“From a timing standpoint, the greatest value came just prior to releasing bid documents as conflicts were identified and resolved. Typically, these resolutions come either in shop drawings or later in the field – usually at increased time and cost. Prior to this, conflict identification and resolution is more challenging as the design and documents are continually changing. I definitely appreciated that solutions were proposed – not just problems identified.”

J.R. Sanchez, Jose I. Guerra, Inc. Consulting Engineers:

“This was a good learning process to better understand and implement design on paper to actual installation.  I appreciate, in our last meeting, that the hard work we had put into this was acknowledged to the rest of the design group.”