Preconstruction and Construction

With a team of qualified professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the absolute best construction experience, SpawGlass is structured to provide services throughout the entire lifecycle of projects. Beginning in preconstruction and continuing to post-occupancy through our Building Services Division, we customize our services to fit the specific needs of each client and individual project.

General Contracting (Design/Bid/Build)

With the traditional general contracting or design/bid/build delivery method, we provide a bid to our client based on the architect’s completed plans and numbers submitted to us by specialty contractors on bid day. While qualifications may play a part in basis of award, often the low bidder is awarded the project. This approach is not as common now, as alternative delivery methods provide more ample opportunities to align the contractor and architect to benefit the client.

Construction Management

Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR) is a common delivery method used by many SpawGlass clients. We work with our client and the architect during preconstruction to provide constructability and budget input. We hold pre-submittal meetings with specialty contractors and, through the buyout process, ensure all selected contractors understand their complete scope of work. Our preconstruction efforts culminate in the presentation of a detailed schedule and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or fixed lump sum to our client. We then serve as the construction manager during the construction phase, managing all activities at the project site.

CMAR can be a perfect fit for projects that are complex, multi-phased and/or require extensive, simultaneous oversight of numerous trades. There also is a distinct advantage to working with our client and the design team during preconstruction to ensure the project is set up for success before construction begins, allowing for more predictable outcomes.


Design/Build is a unique delivery method in which we team with an architect under one contract with our client. We typically team with architects we have worked with in the past on similar projects, fostering a harmonious relationship stemming from past experiences. Using the design/build delivery method often can accelerate a project’s schedule because design and construction occur simultaneously.


Setting a project up for success begins in preconstruction with:

  • Communication with the entire team, including our client and consultants to ensure project goals and scope are understood
  • Continuous cost estimating
  • Cost savings input
  • Site analysis
  • Constructability analysis of building systems and components
  • Solicitation of proposals from specialty contractors and suppliers to ensure competitive pricing and participation from the HUB and M/WBE community
  • Sequencing and scheduling


Our construction services include:

  • Long-range and short-range scheduling
  • Information management of project communication
  • Implementation of our quality control and safety programs
  • Ability to self-perform with our skilled craft workforce
  • Management and tracking of inspections
  • As-built documentation to facilitate operation and maintenance for the life of the facility


Our post-construction services include:

  • Management of warranty period through single point-of-contact for all warranty calls
  • Special maintenance and modification services available through our Building Services Division

MEP Coordination/Commissioning

Our in-house mechanical/electrical/plumbing coordinators work with our project teams to:

  • Review MEP systems for constructability, cost effectiveness and maintenance during preconstruction
  • Schedule work for efficiency and trade coordination
  • Plan, coordinate and communicate necessary utility outages and service restoration
  • Coordinate active on-site utility tie-ins and outages
  • Develop and execute a commissioning plan for each stage of the project
  • Oversee start-up and commissioning of all systems
  • Ensure facility and maintenance staff understand how to operate and care for all equipment and systems

Lean Scheduling Process

Through implementation of our Lean Scheduling Process, our team members plan work to be most efficient by minimizing waste and redundancy to maximize value. Lean aims to continuously structure work to maximize seamless handoffs amongst project participants and promote reliable and predictable outcomes in every phase. Plan – Do – Check – Adjust is the Lean methodology of continuous improvement.

Four basic components of Lean:

  • Pull plan
  • Weekly work plan
  • Daily huddle
  • Constraints log


SpawGlass understands the issues involved in designing, building and operating a green building because we’ve done it — the SpawGlass-Houston office was the first green building in Houston (LEED® Silver Certified).

SpawGlass is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact on every project we build – whether Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is being pursued or not. We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and we have extensive experience with the LEED certification process and green building materials and methods.

SpawGlass has:

  • Expertise to assist you in achieving any desired level of LEED certification
  • LEED accredited professionals on staff
  • Experience with preconstruction and construction on numerous LEED certified or green buildings