CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic – Thomas Spann 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor Finish-Out

Corpus Christi, TX

CHRISTUS Spohn South Thomas Spann Clinic 2nd Floor Nurse Area

CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic – Thomas Spann 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor Finish-Out

Owner: CHRISTUS Health
Architect: Schwabauer Design

SpawGlass recently assisted the CHRISTUS Spohn South Thomas Spann Clinic in Corpus Christi with significantly increasing its capacity to provide care to our community. The tenant finish-out of existing shell space involved three levels, beginning with the second level.

Working within tight confines and an even tighter schedule, the SpawGlass team knew more space was required to transport materials to and from the second level of the clinic. To create the necessary space, a large section of a second level exterior window was removed, barricaded and transformed into a temporary access point used to transport materials and trash as needed. With the modified doorway in place, work on the second level moved quickly, with the team completing the demolition and build-back of more than 22,000 square feet to include 60 exam rooms, five nurse stations, and patient check-in and check-out stations. 

After completing the second level, the SpawGlass team transitioned to work on levels one and three. While work on the third level was seamless, the first level presented a unique challenge to overcome in the form of a relocated 5,000-pound, 10-foot-long CT machine. Moving this sizable medical equipment was not going to be as simple as walking it through the front door. To address the situation, during demolition, walls were purposely left incomplete to accommodate transport of the CT equipment. Once the machine was installed, walls were erected and structurally reinforced around it. Unique challenges aside, the first level was a fast-track success, with more than 10,000 square feet of space demolished and rebuilt within a two-month window, including the CT room, an X-ray control room and lab space. 

With only five months to complete the job, the team received drawings for the first and third levels three months into the project. The pandemic’s impact on material procurement complicated time constraints further. Our team managed long-lead items to ensure no impact to the project schedule by maintaining fluid communication with subcontractors. As an example, as the project approached substantial completion, nearly all of the light fixtures had yet to arrive. Thanks to alternative sources for materials and our subcontractors providing as much manpower as possible to cross the finish line, the team was able to procure and install more than 500 light fixtures two weeks before project completion. 

Superintendent Ross Rodgers credits the resourcefulness and dedication of the team to the project’s success. “Our subcontractors really helped deal with our difficult schedule by tackling it head-on and staying in constant contact with us,” Ross said. 

Senior Project Manager Jason DeVries, who has over half-a-dozen CHRISTUS projects under his belt, said his personal connection with the client made the project a special undertaking for him. “The first job I ever did with CHRISTUS was my first project as a project manager at SpawGlass and my first healthcare job as well,” Jason said. “This project represented a huge step in our relationship with CHRISTUS. To know they trusted us to do this significant job really means a lot.” 

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