Advise and Consult


Construction Advisory and Consulting

When our clients have little more than an idea about a construction project they would like to undertake, the expertise our team members can offer is invaluable in providing feasibility studies, vetting land considerations, brainstorming design concepts and comparing building systems. In fact, these early decisions typically have the greatest impact on cost of a project.

Acting in a role outside of typical construction scenarios, we also serve in an advisory role for our clients when they find themselves in predicaments with a project. Often, an unexpected event such as contractual default, construction defect or other unforeseen circumstance leaves a client looking for mitigation of the situation and favorable resolution. Armed with our construction expertise and market and contractual knowledge, along with a solutions-oriented attitude, we are able to identify strategies to resolve claims for our clients.

Representative Services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Building Site Evaluation/Selection
  • Project Budget Development, Management and Maximization
  • Project Planning and Sequencing
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Project Team Solicitation and Selection
  • Quality Control Services
  • Project Progress Evaluation
  • Commissioning and Retro Commissioning
  • Facility Operation and Maintenance Management
  • Default Mitigation and Conflict Resolution
  • Estimating and Quantitative Surveys 
  • Project Delivery Education and Recommendation 
  • Lease Space Inspection 
  • Owner Representation 
  • Safety Planning and Inspection 
  • Permit Planning and Assistance 
  • Financial Institution Representation 
  • Forensic Review and Expert Witness 
  • Scanning of Existing Conditions 
  • Project Risk Assessment and Management 
  • Capital Campaigns and Bond Programs 

Construction Delivery Methods

Learn about four delivery methods commonly used in the construction industry. Understand each of their processes and review considerations and advantages for each one. To learn more or to discuss your specific project, contact SpawGlass today!